Thursday, March 21, 2013

Los Angeles Examiner review

Tiki for the atomic age: Dionysus Records unleashes two space-age gems

kava kon tiki for the atomic ageSomething old, something new. That’s what Burbank’s own Dionysus Records has in store for fans of exotica and lounge music this week.
On Wednesday two new platters will be available for mail order or at your local record store: Kava Kon’s “Tiki for the Atomic Age,” a modern take on exotica music from former Motor City musicians Nels Truesdell and Bob Kress, and Chaino’s 1957 “Eye of the Spectre, originally released on the jazzy Tampa label.
Kava Kon’s take on exotica music combines influences from classic cocktail-generation sonic geniuses like Martin Denny, Arthur Lyman and Bob Drasnin  with more modern electronica influences for a unique – and slightly mind-bending – version of a classic music form. The duo’s second record, “Tiki for the Atomic Age” is surreal but also accessible, the perfect soundtrack for the upcoming summer months (all you need are the makings for Mai Tai's and a yard full of tiki torches). The imaginative cover art is from Canadian pop surrealist painter Heather Watts.
Fans of Chaino will be delighted to get a hold of “Eye of the Spectre,” which has long been pie in the sky for collector’s of obscure exotica records. The ominous and spicy cover art is worth the price of the record alone, but the 12 percussive jungle-infused cuts, including “Bongos Whistling,” “Zombie Bamboos” and “Mating Calypso” are oddball classics with rhythm to spare. The record is a perfect companion piece to Dionysus’ 2003 Chaino release, “Jungle Rock."
Visit the Dionysus Records website for more details.chaino eye of the spectre

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