Thursday, March 21, 2013

some music gear used on kava kon songs...

mellotron used in most kava kon songs. from flutes, vibes, to vocal ohhs and ahhs. 
roland cr-8000 drum machine 

Wurlitzer theatre organ 950 with leslie speaker and orbit synth, I think they originally sold for somewhere up near $25,000, we got ours on ebay for $50! No longer with us after leaving detroit :(

great psychedelic phaser sounds

70s korg ms-20 semi modular analog synth, used all over "tiki for the atomic age" from bass, synth lfo sfx, wind sounds. now a major instrument in the kava kon sound.

Roland space echo re-201. spring reverb and tape delay! oh how I love it.  I believe it was used on every song on tiki for the atomic age. 

siel orchestrator 2, italo string synthesizer, you can find it on "exotic traveller" and "journey home"

studio electronics atc-1,  this synth with the moog filter was used on six eleven, from departure exotica.